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Isaac - color and multicomponent image analysis with MATLAB

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    The Isaac ProjectSoftware Development



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    • Matlab™ toolbox for color and multicomponent images computing
    • High-level object language classes
    • Vector treatments for multicomponent images
    • Open, scalable and programmable software platform
    • Graphical, user-friendly, secure software
    • Automated code management
    • Rapid application prototyping
    • Cooperative graphic objects interacting through an event language
    • WYSIWYG and WYGIWYS behavior
    • Modular and dynamic organization
    • Original ISA image format
    • From 1 to 64 bits encoding
    • CIE and ICC color space management
    • Colorimetric regions of interest (ROIs)
    • Compact coding for multidimensional histograms



    Brings the researcher closer to the user by speeding up the valorization process