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Isaac - color and multicomponent image analysis with MATLAB

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    copyright policy

    Isaac™ is a registered trademark of the University of Angers.
    The software was the subject of a declaration of invention at the University of Angers and has been recorded by the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI). The source codes are registred at the French Agency of Protection of the Programs (APP).

    The open source version of the software, named OpenIsaac, is distributed free under GPL v3 license.



    OpenIsaac user doc ...

    About the author ...

    Alain Clément

    • Email : alain.clement @ univ-angers.fr
    • Location: Angers, France

    I received my PhD in Image & Signal Processing from the University of Angers, France, in 2002. I'm currently a senior lecturer in Angers Institute of Technology where I teach computer science, programming, databases and image processing. My research interests are focused on color and multicomponent images, classification, multidimensional histograms and texture.