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Isaac - color and multicomponent image analysis with MATLAB

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    The Isaac ProjectSoftware Development


    Welcome on Isaac homepage

    Isaac is a dedicated software platform for color and multicomponent image processing. It is designed for the automation of image treatment routines. 

    Written in Matlab™, Isaac is a graphical software and also an object-oriented language. The plateform is intended for both developers and users. It drastically shortens the development time and allows rapid application prototyping. It can be used by computer non-specialists for daily data processing.

    Isaac targets institutional research and industrial R&D. It is aimed at users of different domains: vegetal, medical, food, cosmetics, cartography ...

    The Isaac project was born in the early 2000s at the LARIS laboratory of the University of Angers. It is named in honor of Isaac Newton, founding father of the theory of light.




    Alain Clément, enseignant-chercheur
    alain.clement @ univ-angers.fr


    Marie-Françoise Gérard, ingénieure
    marie-francoise.gerard @ univ-angers.fr